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basically, my life in words and pictures, documenting my existence on this thing I call a planet. and vegetarianism is where it's at! :)

I’ve known this guy since I was in like 5th grade. I freaking love Ben Wood, and am so proud of him and his band, The Seeking, for coming so far from where they started. They have released an album and toured, and have become so successful. It is amazing to see the way God has been working in his life to help him and his band mates fulfill their dreams, all while they keep their amazing faith. You’re the best, Ben. Keep up the awesome work! I missed you! :) ❤ also, I am so happy to have met you and call myself a friend of yours. Whenever people ask me “you actually know him?!” I smile and say yes. People see you as a celebrity, but I see you as a friend an a brother in Christ. God bless, Ben.